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How it works

Genepsis Social offers you a strategic marketing plan for your product or service, following five simple steps. We call our process the 5P's for a successful social media campaign:

Having a successful campaign, however, is not the end of the story. Marketers will need to measure how effective the campaign was, what worked, what needs to be adjusted, and in most cases, what was the Return on Investment (ROI). Will you get what you need by executing a social media metrics report or will an analytics report need to follow your campaign, as well? Genepsis Social has been growing and evolving with social media for the past 10 years and we know exactly how to make sense of the data we pull from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Aligning your company’s KPI's with data driven marketing for example, is something we teach our clients once we have the 5P's fully implemented. We guarantee that once your project is in our hands your business becomes our business.

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Our social media services are scalable and customized to your specific needs. At our core, we are digital marketing strategists, and have a great passion for the research, insight, and creativity that goes into crafting a powerful social media strategy. Our strategies examine the very soul of a company or product and rely on deep research and analysis to find the right social media strategy that your internal team can effectively put into place with the budget and resources you have available. We also conduct social media audits and provide social media consultations for those who simply need a “sharp shooter” to find smart opportunities to advance their existing social media efforts, or a helping hand getting an initial social media marketing campaign started.


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Genepsis Social is a group of different collaborators and experts from different backgrounds and industries. The team includes content creators, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.


There are many social marketing companies out there – some large, some small, some expensive, and some cheap. What makes Genepsis Social a very unique digital marketing agency is our mission of serving “one client at a time.” We understand the integrated effort required for success in social media marketing, and the digital marketing tools and techniques that make it happen. All of our campaigns and methodology focuses on measurable results.

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